Daily Compliance Item- 3/19/12-

The Ocean State University (OSU) Men’s Basketball staff is preparing for the late National Letter of Intent (NLI) signing period next month.  The coaches would like the Director of Ops to contact the academic counselors for those prospects who will be signing NLIs with them to make sure their academic records are up to date, the appropriate paperwork has been submitted to the NCAA Eligibility Center and OSU’s admissions office.  Is is permissible for the Director of Operations to make such calls to the HS academic counselors?
Yes with conditions.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 3/18/11- Telephone Calls to Guidance Counselors for Academic Information (I)-  states that a telephone call to the appropriate academic authority at the prospective student-athlete’s educational institution (e.g., registrar, guidance counselor) related to admissions or academic issues is not a recruiting coordination function provided there is no solicitation of the prospective student-athlete and nothing beyond the prospective student-athlete’s academic qualifications is discussed.
[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws (recruiting coordination functions), (institutional coaching staff members — general rule) and (exception — prior to national letter of intent signing or other written commitment); official interpretations (10/12/1994, Item No. 9-d) and (12/15/1993, Item No. 6)]

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