Daily Compliance Item- 3/15/12- 13.4.1

The women’s basketball team at Ocean State University is hosting first and second round games this weekend. Ticket sales have not been great, so the institution would like to do one last marketing push to sell tickets. The institution decides to reach out to area high schools and provide information on the tournament. Is it permissible for Ocean State University to provide a ticket brochure for the tournament to all the local high school basketball coaches and administrators?

Yes with conditions. NCAA Official Interpretation- 2/24/98- Ticket Brochure/Flyer Promoting NCAA Championship- states that a member institution that is hosting any portion of an NCAA Championship may send a ticket application to a high-school coach/administrator, but not to specific prospects, provided:

♦The application includes only information relevant to the championship;
♦The application is available to the general public, including all high schools in the local area; and
♦The application contains no information related to the institution’s athletics program.

The subcommittee noted that under such circumstances, such an item would not be considered a recruiting item. [Reference: NCAA Bylaw 13.4.1 (recruiting materials)]

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