Daily Compliance Item- 3/5/12- 16.02.3,

Intha Paint and Down Town are two basketball student-athletes at Ocean State University (OSU).  Both of these student-athletes are going to be playing on an outside team this summer and have to raise money for participation and travel.  Which of the following is true?
A.  OSU can provide the names of boosters to Intha and Down’s outside team administrators.
B.  OSU can provide the names of boosters to Intha and Down.
C.  OSU boosters can make donations and earmark them for Intha and Down’s expenses
D.  None of the above.
The answer is D.  NCAA Educational Column- 3.1.12- Donations to Outside Sports Clubs or Training Centers (I)- states that NCAA Division I institutions should note that it is not permissible for a member institution or a member institution’s booster club to sponsor or make a donation, directly or indirectly, to an outside sports club or training center (e.g., amateur club team, Olympic training center) that involves a student-athlete from that institution or any prospective student-athletes. Further, it is not permissible to provide the names of representatives of the institution’s athletics interests to an outside sports club or training center participants for the purpose of soliciting donations. However, it is permissible for a representative of the institution’s athletics interests to donate to an outside sports club or training center, provided the representative acts independently of the institution, the funds are distributed through channels established by the organization conducting the fundraising activity and the funds are not earmarked directly for a specific student-athlete or prospective student-athlete.
[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws (institutional sponsorship of local sports clubs), (fundraising for high school athletics program), (involvement by local representatives of institution’s athletics interests), 16.02.3 (extra benefit) and (general rule); and official interpretations (12/13/90, Item No. 4), (8/7/92, Item No. 9-a-(5)) and (5/8/95, Item No. 4)]
NCAA Official Interpretation- 5.8.95- Institution Providing List of Athletics Representatives to Student-Athletes- states that it is not permissible for an institution to provide to a student-athlete a list of its athletics representatives (i.e., boosters) for the purpose of contacting such individuals to participate in fund-raising activities related to the student-athlete’s participation on an outside organization’s competitive tour. [References: 16.02.3 (extra benefit), (extra-benefit — general rule) and (expenses for other competition) and IC 06/03/92, Item No. 3

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